Unhealthy, Uncontrolled, Underestimated/Sissification/ Bimbofication

I feel super obligated to say things like

Alpha/fag culture is fucked up and unhealthy

Because there are people in the world

Who watch things like

Sissification videos

On a regular basis– and they often develop

A decreased sense of self-worth–

Decreased self-esteem–

The more sissification and bimbofication videos they watch.

As someone who was born in the wrong body

These sorts of videos have strong appeal, they could

Potentially be seen as a way to help you

“Mentally” and “socially” transition–

IMO, they do not.

No one needs to be sissified.

No one needs some bimbofication, it’s kinda something that you

Let yourself get into, as a fetish– it’s not really

Something you need to practice.

If you think it’s super hot and you cum a lot to these various

Sissification/bimbofication/ bottom-shaming/ sub-shaming/ “training” videos

That’s a fetish, and it’s totally fucking normal– however

If your fetish bleeds into your life

And makes your life miserable, that is no longer

Just a fetish–

It’s a crutch. It’s an addiction, it’s something

You need to treat– like a condition. You need

To understand, that fetish and sex

Can’t be your whole identity. If your entire identity

Is being less-than

You’re setting yourself up for

An unhealthy amount of misery.

It also isn’t healthy in the least

To treat some people like they are

Above you, all the time, no matter what–

It’s one thing to show respect, it’s another

To give them all you have left.

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