Unpopular Opinion: Lip Injections Look Terrible On Everyone

Unless you had some sort of weird terrible accident where you need reconstructive lip surgery, IMO you really, really don’t need lip injections or cosmetic surgery.

Regular cis people do this the most, but of course trans women also seem to be catching the lip injection bug. I saw it in drag queens at a lot as well, but honestly like– why would you do that as a drag queen when you can just paint bigger lips on yourself like wtf.

I can’t imagine feeling like a DSL blowup doll 24/7 but I’m also coming to terms with the fact that I am a boring heterosexual man. That being said– as someone who adores the feeling of lips around his cock– I don’t understand why you’d want to have big blown-out silicone lips bobbing away down there. It just makes no fucking sense to me. Also– I would constantly be worried about hurting a partner with lip injections by being too rough and popping their lips or something fucking horrifying like that.

Nobody needs or want this opinion, nobody cares, and lip injections are still up 50% since 2000. Probably more since covid, now that everyone is trapped inside looking for quick and easy ways to feel better about themselves, and their fucking instagrams.

Anyway, forgive me for thinking that people are more beautiful and more valuable than their appearance. I guess this is an extremely unpopular opinion in modern times. No one wants to dare acknowledge that you can’t tell anything about someone based on how fucking hot they are. No one wants to dare acknowledge that “improving your body” and “improving your image” are two separate things, and that they don’t often have anything to do with each other.

The only koolaid you’re allowed to drink is the kind that makes you skinnier, prettier, and more aesthetically valuable.

This is why I grow herbs and drink my own fucking tea like a proper earth sage.

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