Will you be my unrequited?

My one and only.

A true love that never

Bloomed, dead-headed

Saved for strife and pain,

Both of us eager for

Dissatisfaction and incongruence

Oh lover, please.

Be my unrequited.

How I long for your

Lack of reciprocation

It whets my Wanda when you

Haven’t any feelings for me.

I wish I could see your face

And its lack of interest

I love the way you remind me

Of life’s pain, futility.

Oh, hopeless, I am

For someone to beat my heart.

What would I have to long for

With someone who feels as strongly for me

As I feel for you?

What anticipation

Would I be missing?

If I were to find a love

That saw me

Knew me


Oh, unrequited

With you there is no risk

Our love is boundless, limitless–

Ignorance is bliss

If a tree falls in the forest,

And it kills your soulmate,

Does God send you a letter,

Tell you to move on, let it go?


What say you, lover?

Spend eternity with me,

Rolling boulders, blunts, joints, anything you want.

I’ll do anything for you,

Loveless doe.

The way you want it,

The only way I know–


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