Unspoken Rules/Fat Mouth

There are

“No rules in the queer community”

Or so it seems to those

On the outside looking in.

In reality, it’s not much different

Than any other community.

In order to be accepted,

Respected, and well-connected

You have to be thin and attractive.

It doesn’t matter if you’re poor

Or if you’re addicted to drugs

Or if you’re a sex addict or if

You never graduated any kind of anything—

As long as you aren’t fat

You’re welcome in the queer community

For whatever reason

Most everybody here hasn’t ever

Matured past junior high

I guess it’s the collective trauma…?

Don’t bother asking why—

Just know

That the only thing

Nobody wants in their community

Is a fat body, even worse —

A fat mouth, like the one

I have.

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