I’ve been various stages of unwanted

For most of my life. I have been so immersed in

The feeling of being a burden, the shame of being hidden

The distaste for my very flesh and face and skin

It’s been hard for me to trust anyone that loves me

I am so energizing I am so passionate I am so

Desirable in every way someone can be and none of it matters besides

What people see. Not because I’ve been unlucky

But because all of the people that have been with me

See my body before my soul and what I’m looking for is a

Mate for my soul. I want to feel love that comes from within

When I am around someone. I want to feel like

They love me for who I am and support that man

They insist I am better than I see myself as not

Worse than. I cannot afford to be in any more relationships

That leave me feeling so unwanted

Therefore I will wait until I find the one

God himself sent. If no one comes

I am already with him.

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