Valid, Valid. 🤢🤮

I swear to god

There are words I used

Before I became a queer content creator

and there are words

I’ve had to scrub out of my vocabulary

Since doing this.


Is chief among them.

I don’t give a fuck

About what people

Do and do not think

Valid” is— ya dig?!?

Saying what is and isn’t “valid”

Is the whole fucking problem you asshats.

Do people tell you

Your gender, sexuality, and pronouns are


What kind of conversation is that

One on the internet only?

Literally no one tells me

What is and isn’t valid

And if they do

I wouldn’t fucking listen to them anyway

Why are you telling everyone

Who is valid

And who isn’t

The same way they do? The same way you’re supposedly

Complaining about…? The thing that you insist

Happens but also magically doesn’t ….?!

Who is saying you’re invalid…?!

That’s an insult.

Ain’t nobody say shit like that I think you might be

Talking about yourself.

The way you feel inside your own body and mind

The ways in which you don’t feel like

Other people see you, or acknowledge you

Is it a valid concern?

Hell if I know I don’t go around

Tryna tell people that their worries

Are or are not real I just

At this point

Throw up in my mouth

Every time I see the word valid

Used in regards to gender, sexuality, and pronouns.

Who the fuck cares what is or isn’t valid —

Who the fuck is keeping count of that shit.

Spoiler alert—

If you’re trans, some people

Will complain about it.

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