Vegan Cheat Meals and “Woke” Racist Fetishists/Sheep Suits

At this point it’s like–

If you notice sex and gender

A lot, that on it’s own is a bit of a sign.

Same way

Every racist-fetishist

Denies denies denies denies

Any and all responsibility

For their racist thoughts and urges, all while

Wearing woke sheep clothing

Fetishizing the whole process

Of saying one thing, and living

However they want to live.

Much like someone who is

Vegan, or on a diet, who

Only brings it up

When other people can notice.

If you love being vegan but

“Cheat” often– perhaps you do the same

With all your other vices.

Perhaps that occasional piece of cheese

Is often replaced with bigotry.

I wish I could say I’m talking about

One or two people, but at this point

The sheep suit is sold-out on etsy.

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