Vegan Class Anxiety /Valuable

I just wish people would admit that

They are not vegan to be healthy—

They’re vegan to be in a narrative

That goes above correction, the same place

The cross fitters go and the

Religious zealots—

Waving your beliefs in the air

Like you just don’t care

Is not always a sign of pride

But often a sign of contempt —

Contempt for those

Who won’t make the same sacrifices

They make.

I am full of contempt

For people

Who never have to make

The sacrifices I have made.

Including people like

Vegans, who read click bait

And fad diet blogs and read

Books for sale that someone profits off of

All in the name of

“I’m healthier now than I ever was”

Even if

They don’t go to the doctor

Don’t take any responsibility for their body or their health

In any meaningful way that isn’t some sort of

Instagram stunt.

It never matters that I

Have healthy blood pressure, never matters

That I have healthy glucose and blood sugars

It never matters to these instagrammers—

Who “avoid western medicine” lmfao

All that matters is appearances

Value, status, class-anxiety

It never matters about

Any of the things they say

It’s just about being able to say

You’re valuable, in whatever way

Is trending.

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