“Voice Training”/Everything About Yourself

IDK if “voice training”

Is something I should recommend in earnest.

I don’t know if you can train a cat–

And that’s kinda similar.

Your voice changes as you grow older,

Regardless of your gender or hormone regiment

I don’t know if it’s healthy

To try and control

Things like your nose, or your voice, or your eye color.

I don’t think it’s healthy

To attempt to be in complete control

Of your weight and your body fat percentage.

I don’t think it’s healthy to not try, either– but

There is a balance to the world

And unfortunately

Nobody chooses their voice.

Guy I met the other day had a voice

10x higher than mine and he was

Tall and cis and didn’t give a shit–

I doubt he’s googling “voice training for ftm”

I think

Gender dysphoria is a real big shit, but

Trans people do seem to need reminding

That you can’t control your transition, and

The things that are out of your hands

Are usually what make you an individual–

Don’t try and scrub and trim and fix

Everything about yourself–

You can’t control your physical appearance you can only

Change your perspective, which is honestly

Way, way harder IMO.


Yep, I meant what I said–

It’s harder than the impossible thing–

But it isn’t impossible, now is it? Otherwise

We wouldn’t be in this situation to begin with.

If you can change your gender, your hormones, your

Hair, your clothes–

Why not change the way you see yourself, and

Your own beautiful voice?

3 Replies to ““Voice Training”/Everything About Yourself”

  1. ACountryBoy

    I hate my voice. Too high. I understand that women speak from the throat which is why their voice is melodious. Men speak from way down in the gut. Makes it deeper as well as having a bigger Adam’s apple. But I’ve never had one person look at me funny the moment I open my mouth to speak. I’ve learned to live with it. Who cares?

    • Mad About It

      Literally nobody. I bet your voice is perfect. I’ve got my issues with my voice but 1. I always have and 2. I’m realizing that it just has nothing to do with other people and that it’s all my own shit— people usually just want me to speak up because I mumble softly. How you enunciate matters more than your dang voice lmao

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