Voice Training/Mouthy-Bitch to Soft-Spoken Wimp

I’m just gonna put it out there–

I’ve been voice training

With degrees of self-awareness

Degrees of “doing it on purpose”

My whole life!

Why do you think I like

Hank Williams so dang much

The guy is so whiny–

His voice is just

Exactly what I wish I sounded like

I understand that

Estrogen doesn’t really make your voice higher–

As evidenced by

The countless cis women

Who sound like they have gravel in their pipes

It does suck, however

That as a trans guy

I’m like–

“not allowed to complain about my voice insecurity

Because x y and z has it worse than me”

Which I find obnoxious!

Literally every cis guy at my company

Has a depth to his voice

I can’t replicate.

I also genuinely can’t

Speak loudly–

It’s been getting a bit better

But cis men are


Compared to me.

I went from being told

I was too loud, too unfriendly

Too self-important and had too much attitude–

To being told I had

To speak up,

Demand more

Take up more space and

Be heard!

It’s fucking confusing as hell over here.

The world is very much in denial

About it’s sexism problem

And how much

The tone of your voice

Is a part of that.

I’ve basically resigned

To accepting that I will be seen as

A soft spoken wimp–

I don’t walk tall and I

Don’t carry a big stick.

I’m working on

All of it.

Voice Training is just

Another thing

No doctor can really help you with.

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