Warranted Or Not

What is it

With dicks

And photographs …?

What about

Your genitalia

Makes you want

To take a naked picture of

Only that part of yourself…?!

At least some guys

Have a little more subtlety— they

Have underwear on so you get to see

All the rest of the male body—

Honestly, the parts that

Everyone is the most obsessed with

Are everything besides

The cock itself…!

Sure there are

Plenty of penis obsessed people

Plenty of people plaster their pretty little faces

With pictures of dicks on a regular basis,

Or even actual dicks!

Who am I to judge or complain—

I shove pussy in my face

Often enough for me to wonder

If there are any probiotic benefits

To going down under—

My confusion lies

With the performance !

It goes against every instinct I have

To photograph my genitals !

I don’t even have

Pre-t post-t comparison photos

Mostly because

I’m like

What the fuck people

Take pictures of

Better genitals

Flowers, idk if you know—

Have the most gorgeous reproductive features

Especially plants related to cannabis !

I would rather look at a flower clit

Or a flower dick

Any fucking day of the week

Before I ever see some

Human beings cock—

Warranted or not.

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