Watch Out For That Dyke Over There–They’re Gonna Burst

Little Angry Bulldyke

–by Becky WTGH



Lmao that’s me I guess

She saw me today, she ducked!

Ducked!! What was I doing?

Was I flying in the air, at her?

Was I hurling some bulldyke shit ?

What was I throwing?

Nothing was thrown.

Holy shit lady,

Get off your fucking throne

I’m not some crazy bulldyke

and you aren’t in my zone.

What are you so afraid of?

Am I gonna turn you on?

Are you spanking off hard;

Thinking about being my switch?

In your dreams, you fucking

Made-up, faked-out,

Self-hating hetero bitch.

Just cuz I wanna wear the pants

In my own goddamn life

Doesn’t mean I wanna fuck your face–

That’s a privilege, not a right.

She fucking DUCKED, ya’ll

She ducked. Fucking–

Nothing was thrown!




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