Watching Bears Chasing Chasers

I can’t help myself I am dangerously curious

Also I just

Love my new body

So much. It’s so nice to see it evolve into

What it’s become. Also I wish I was

Lying, but I’m just not attracted to men.

This doesn’t prevent me from being weirdly


With competing with them. And when they’re like

“I’m super hairy and people love me for it”

I’m like

Y’all ain’t seen nothin yet

I’m basically the hottest version of myself

I’ve ever met, and nobody really seems to appreciate me

Except for random men at DXL lmfao

I fucking hate my life most of the time

But less, lately— much much less.

The other thing about

Not being homophobic is that you’re kinda

Boundaryless and annoying. I’m not here

To shop I’m just scrolling.

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