Wave Seeking Rock

I feel like WordPress is a good place for this post…

I just want someone who loves my brain the most.

I want someone who laughs at all the jokes

The appropriate amount

And even ping pongs back once in a while

I want someone who calls me a poet

Who knows I write and adores it

Someone who can’t help but talk about me at work because

I’m so important to them they can’t avoid it.

I want someone who plans vacations and

Staycations and beach trips for our families.

I want someone who understands my need for

Stability and authenticity and honestly.

I need a rock for my waves to crash in.

I want someone who feels the same way I feel about them but

More so, if possible. I want to be chased.

I have always been the one running and

They are always escaping. The next one should be

Pacing, at least, I think.

I am always the right speed for me so

As of now, I am happy

However I refuse to even entertain the idea

Of committing to someone

Who doesn’t love my brain more than

All the rest of it.

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