We Have To Stop Talking About HRT Like It Is LSD

LSD and HRT are both acronyms

For drugs young people are constantly

Sharing articles about experimenting with–

And as a youngish (hah! not anymore) trans person

I’m genuinely confused

As to why you all talk about HRT

Like it’s my other favorite drug–


LSD can be microdosed, but I doubt you’d find

Much benefit besides delaying the

Inevitable realization that antidepressants

Work the same way with out all the hallucinations.

You get much less done throughout the day, IMO.

Microdosing is all the rage

Oh man it’s like

Everything nowadays

Everything is being microdosed–

Even fucking movies. Now it’s all TV shows.

People want to know

How they can take their lives

To the next level.

American society is so competitve

So brainwashed, so ablest and so backwards

People are literally trying to figure out

How they can take their drugs all day long

And still get their shit done.

The rhetoric I read on major news publications

Like Vice, for example

Or even NBC

The way they talk about HRT

Sounds word for word

Like an article on microdosing LSD

I especially like this recent one

About the effects being placebo

I wonder how long it will take

Before the HRT folks come out with the same articles..

I swear to god the shit is basically

A rework of the same article–

They were like

“Microdosing LSD and shrooms is our number one article for months–

Let’s combine trans issues with microdosing–

And keep the revenue pumping in”



^^ this article

is some of the most dangerous misinformation

I’ve found on the internet in a long, long time

This person is self-administering

Without a doctor’s prescription



“I like to think of microdosing testosterone as a form of body hacking,  placing it in a lineage of trans ancestors who had to do the work of modifying their bodies themselves before there was any accessible care”

this is incredibly alarming. HRT is not body hacking.

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