Weeping Insecurity/I’m Done Pretending Drag Is Amazing

I dunno how much time ya’ll spend

Listening to drag queens

But these people literally talk about drag

As if it is the only art form anyone would need to know

Like it’s some sort of cumulative experience transcending

Everything you thought you knew

But IMO, or perhaps

To the “untrained eye”

It’s just a dress up party

For grown men

Who hate themselves.

I used to watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Until I finally grew some balls of my own

And realized how much self-hatred is laced

Into the fabric of that show. I don’t approve and

I don’t enjoy spending my free time

Watching queer people compete for a

Made up throne that

Up until recently, was well known

That only men could sit in it. Only men can do drag

Until they had a trans man of course…?

Still a man. Jesus fucking christ ya’ll

How deep does the insecurity go

So, so deep, that you’ve had to create

A media empire that excludes everyone

Except for yourselves. Quite like a cult

Hiding in plain sight, but who am I

Just some angry straight guy

Trying to live in a world where

Everyone thinks queer people get along

Party all night long like long lost best friends

Meanwhile ya’ll charge tickets

To hangout with a select few idiots

Who wear their expensive masks/wigs/makeup the best.

Not to mention, that if you come out as trans–

You’re somehow not allowed in

Again– the most important factor

For who is and isn’t a drag queen

Up until season 13

Was that you have to be a man

Otherwise you’re “cheating”

Excuse me, sir–

Your insecurity is weeping

Why is it that men are praised for their sensitivity

And women are punished?

This dichotomy pretty much applies to

All gendered behaviors and I think

I’m rather astonished. I need to think this through

In a different poem…

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