Weight Limits For GRS

Nobody seems to talk about this

When I brought it up with my doctor

They just kind of nodded, somberly.

The plastic surgeon I met with

Decided two weeks before surgery

That “the anesthesiologist

On his surgery team

Didn’t want to operate on me

Unless I lost 10-15 pounds

In the next ten days.”

They stated this as a simple fact

That anyone would be able to do

Any simple fatty could easily lose

10 pounds or more !!

In less than 2 weeks—

Of course !!!!

It’s so easy, I mean

Everybody has done that


Every skinny bitch who

Never eats

Avoids ten pounds a week

At least— right?!

That’s how weight loss works

To these people—

Fat people eat enough to maintain

Massive figures, and skinny people

Eat enough to maintain

Skinny figures.

Not sure how that matches up

With reality

Or with anyone’s actual experience

But in fantasy thin person world

If you aren’t fat— your diet is

Working !!!! Congrats!!!!

If you are fat—


You must be eating in secret. Or constantly

Or at night when no one is watching

You must order pizza

Or fries

Or any of the terrible glutton foods

That only gluttons eat, right?!?!

Oh wait— people of

All shapes and sizes eat

All kinds of diets…?

Well— not according

To the anesthesiologist

Who determined whether or not

My transition would be delayed

Another 6-9 months.

This was no minor setback

By the time I had finally

Found a new surgeon, I found

One of the three practices

In the United States

That has a protocol for top surgery

That is BMI inclusive

Only three surgeons

In the United States

Are willing to cut the tits off of

Fat trans bodies—

So yes


Tell me again

How thin privilege doesn’t exist

How fat discrimination

Doesn’t matter

How this is all in my head

And not in your own denial

Fat discrimination

Is so endemic

No one can imagine a world without it


The reason they have weight limits

Is because of a study they did

On tummy tucks

Not even double mastectomy

A completely different surgery

With completely different outcomes

With completely different risks

Having the same rules applied

So that the surgeons don’t get sued

In case fatty dies on the table—

It can’t be their fault, it’s always

The junk carcass they had to carve

The flesh they remove with disdain in the very scalpel they use

Anyway, I found a better surgeon

I found a better situation

But the experience of being

Checked in, measured, drawn on

Prepped for surgery— asked for time off work

Got the entire thing setup

All to go to my 10 day preop appointment

And be told

I was too fat to have surgery —

All while I weighed

The exact same amount

I did when I had my consultation—

That experience, well

That experience almost killed me.

I haven’t been more close to suicide

Than I was the day I was denied too surgery

At my pre-surgery appointment

That I had made with all the plans in advance

Everything set, all the prep ready

I came home to a post surgery binder

And an incline pillow

I didn’t need

Never in my life did I want to die

So completely, never before

Did I want to give up on everything

Never before did I feel that


Wasn’t for me, until I was told

Quite literally

That it wasn’t.

So yes, please

Nice bisexual white thin presumably non-binary person

Tell me about how silly it is

To talk about fat issues

Tell me how silly it is

To say “thin privilege”

Tell me about how

Fat discrimination

Doesn’t exist, and how

The world doesn’t wish

Fat people didn’t exist.

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