We’re All Being Brainwashed With Fatphobic Clickbait

I think they only way you wouldn’t see it

Is if you just believed all of it, and saw it as

Simple. Never questioning

“Why are all the stories on my phone

Telling me to lose belly fat with one simple trick?”

Or asking

“Why do I see so many videos of

Weight loss transformations that take months—

Edited to take place in mere seconds?

Does that set, I dunno—

An unhealthy and unrealistic expectation

For fat people to be able to change their bodies

Simply by coming to the realization

This is the most preposterous thing

People who are not fat

Genuinely think

Fat people don’t know they are fat.

Folks it’s impossible.

You feel it sitting down. Lying down.

Standing up. Walking. Jumping. Rolling over.

Going to the store, going to work

Every part of being fat is something

That smacks you in the face



The click bait.

I literally can’t pick up my phone

To google something

Without reading an ad or a post title

That simplifies weight loss into a

Clickable link.

It’s the business! Right—

Just gotta ignore it

Are you ignoring it?

Do you notice them?

Or is it so all encompassing

So everywhere, so deeply saturated

No where is free from an unsolicited weight loss trend, diet, or opinion

There are more forums for people

To vent about “how ridiculous body positivity is”

Than there ever have been forums about joining it.

There is no fat acceptance

There is no end to this

As long as people make money

With contempt, shame, and image—

Fatphobia will keep being used in marketing

As a general, powerful concept

That returns reliable results

From a reliably contemptuous public

Who all agree on one thing—

Everyone hates fat people and

Everyone is rooting for you, praying for you

Hoping for the day you look “changed” enough

To be welcomed and participate.

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