What Did Chase Ross Have To Apologize For, Again?

Did y’all read the chapter

In irreversible damage?

Like actually read it yourself —

This lady

Rips Chase Ross

Ten new assholes.

She straight up insults his dad

Calls him a poor loser

And then says —

Chase follows in his fathers footsteps —

Implying that he is basically a low life

Job-avoiding bohemian.

Which, honestly, Chase might not disagree with

But if you look at that guys website

He clearly tries to come across as an

Entrepreneurial sort of fellow

And offers consultation services

With pictures of himself speaking ect.

I’m not defending this motherfucker at all

He won’t respond to my emails—


I am a lover of facts, and honestly

He has nothing to apologize for

Abigail Shrier insulted him and defaced his reputation

Amongst queer people and twice as much amongst

Anyone who would read this book and doesn’t identify as an ally to the queer community

Because quite simply

She roasts him for a whole chapter


I watched his apology video first

And after reading the chapter

I’m starting to wonder

If he ever even read the book himself.

Chaseypoo, if you’re out there—

She fucking ruined you, bro

She did not write down nice things about you

Or your “business”

And you somehow managed to fair worse

Than Ash Hardell, who recently

Dropped out of being a flight attendant.

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