What Is Representation?/List Of Names

What is representation…?

How is it different than narrative?

What if we already had

All the trans representation we could ever want or need

Blistering and peeling away at the fabric of society

So intensely it actually caused

Heightened awareness, paranoia, violence, things like

Hate crimes and violence, things like

Legislative proposals that take into consideration

What we can do and what we can

Not do about things. Taking away our rights, our access to

Healthcare, the books and the blogs and the podcasts we use to

Communicate with–

What kind of representation

Would actually help us and

How does that differ from

Controlling the narrative…?

What if we already had loads of representation

What if that was our problem…?

What if we just need to be allowed to blend in

What kind of request is

“More representation”

When they’re making a list of our names ?

Why is it that the only voices I hear asking for

Trans male representation are

Trans women’s?

Is it because they have the microphone or is it because

They have the spotlight, and again–

What’s the difference?

What kind of representation will save us from

Our own judgements?

To say that a group of people who know they don’t identify

With what the vast majority of people identify as —

To say that they agree on something is downright

Batshit. I mean– trans people don’t even all use the same

Social media platforms let alone the same

Medications or surgeries let alone the same

Pronouns, the only thing we agree on is

Bathrooms. At some point

Somebody has to emerge as a sort of

Oprah of sorts, somebody

Everyone agrees they can look to.

In the meantime all the division and doubt within our own community

Is turning into food for conservative legislation, and

I’m getting sick of hearing people bitch about fucking

“Trans representation”

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