What Is This Really About?

What is this really about, all this

Trans legislature, all this scary talk?

What are you trying to accomplish?

Are you trying to make trans kids cis, or

Are you just trying to make them

Have doubts about their existence?

What does that surmount to, for you

Will you stop making the bills

Once they all kill themselves, or will you wait

Until they’ve stopped coming out of their shells?

I have bad news for you, folks

You can’t tell if a kid was trans

After they’ve killed themselves in silence.

The statistics on trans youth

Are underestimated, if you can believe it

I would have certainly killed myself

Had it not been for the power of music

So I feel strongly about this issue, I would have

Just been another statistic

Of a teen suicide, perhaps I would’ve been labled

LGBT but I definitely wouldn’t have been labeled

A trans suicide, because I didn’t tell a soul

About how I felt inside.

That’s where trans identity starts, and for some of us–

That’s where it dies.

If you want trans youth to stop coming out

You might as well be telling us to die.


Now, for the youth

Who read this and want to cry

I love you, and I loved my transness

I loved my trans identity, as secret as it was

So much, that it never mattered to me

What anyone else said or did to me

I encourage you to find the strength and the beauty

Of yourself, and your power

It takes incredible insight, empathy, strength and fortitude

To realize that you are not who you could be

And want something better for yourself.

You are not a freak, you are a diamond

In a sea of loose packed dust and silt.

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