“What Is Your Idea Of Not Eating…?”

I went to the doctor and I said

“Doctor I don’t know what’s wrong–

I’ve been sick as a dog

I’ve not been eating and

I’ve had really bad diarrhea,

Constant, painful, watery diarrhea”

They said

“What is your idea of

Not eating–

Do you mean

No fried foods?

Try losing weight, it will really

Help you with that


Fun fact I went to a new doctor

Who didn’t diagnose me as

Fat, and

Gave me meds for my

IBS-d which have

Changed my life

Dramatically for the best.

I would be lying

If I didn’t mention

This Steve-o prank

As a source of my inspiration

To see a new doctor, to seek

Actual medical attention.

This fat guy

Had a shit

With such

Smooth, even consistency

I literally don’t think

I’ve ever had a poop

Look like this. Ever–

Honestly and now

I’m really frustrated

Because I think either

The movie got taken down

Or deleted

Probably because it involves

Footage of someone

Pooping straight out of their

Naked buttcheeks and asshole

Ahhh oh well

I’ll never understand

Why we censor people

Shitting, when everyone does it

And — honestly

If there was more dialogue about it

I wouldn’t have spent so many years

Shitting rivers trying to lose weight–

Shitting rivers not eating.

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