What Kind Of Trans Representation Does Buck Angel Want?

I wonder what trans male representation would or could be

Considering the loudest complainers who seek representation the most

Are people like Buck Angel– what kind of representation

Would satisfy him?

More high school drop out, anger issue, adhd, anti-education

Unemployed, divorced representation?

We need more trans men

Who fuck for a living?

Or more who don’t give a fuck

About anything in particular? Besides you know

Things that matter– muscles, weed, cars, hats–

Isn’t it convenient that

I’m not allowed to say

“That’s not the kind of trans representation I want”

But he’s allowed to attack

Trans women, nonbinary people

Therapists, doctors–

Anyone in particular with an actual job–

What kind of trans representation

Is this idiot talking about?

Anyone who is in the limelight

Is someone you complain about, so I can’t help but think

That you are what you mean

When you say

“Trans Representation”

I guess, at the end of the day

Buck Angel will shut up

When he gets paid to, just the way

His divorce went.

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