What Makes A Man?/The Opposite Of Buck Angel

I think there are worse things to be than a

Man who walks slowly

Says thank you, says he’s sorry

Reflects on what he could be doing better

Not just for himself but for his community.

I think what makes a man

Is the filling

Character, dedication, passion, energy

Drive to be the best at something, even if it’s just

Being easy going.

To me, what makes a man

Is caring about other people

And wanting a better world

For all people to live in, not just the one

That suits him.

What makes a man is the decision to be

Bigger and stronger and more in charge

To be able to rise to the occasion for

Whenever that is demanded but also

Knows when to be quiet and soft.

To me, what makes a man —

Is basically the opposite of Buck Angel.

A man is a provider. A man is an inspirer.

A man is a leader and a man is someone

Who teaches all the meaning of respect

Especially when he is being disrespected.

A man is someone who is brave enough

To call out bullshit, someone who will

Start a war if it’s what needs to be accomplished.

Don’t be a Putin, but also don’t be

A loud mouthed fuck face

Loose jawed son of a bitch.

A man isn’t someone

Who goes off on a midlife crisis

When his ex wife leaves him for a woman.

A man isn’t someone

Who tells strangers to get a job

When his job was drinking and fucking.

Now it’s private speaking on the

Fringe outlets that will have him.

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