“Whatever Hurts Is True”/Truth Hurts and Other Harsh-Truthisms That Are Blatantly False

I’ve noticed in my time on earth

That the harsh-truths

The “truth hurts” camp


“Whatever hurts is true”

Masochistic redditors say

The 9 year old

Blonde girl on the bus who’s dad

Is a rich nazi—

These people

Desperately need this to be true.

They need

Painful truths to be real

More than any of the rest of us

Reasonable, non-masochist normies.

It’s highly erotic

To insist

That anything that hurts is

Truthful, inherently.

Much like gender roles I dislike it

When other people spread their fetishes

Into all of life’s great mystery.

“All that glitters is gold”

Might as well be

“Truth hurts”

Fools gold is absolutely a thing

And liars, masochists, and reductionist

Simplistic takes

On other people’s experiences

Are absolutely a thing.

Truth hurts folks are also

The same sort of folk

That see polygraphs

As evidence— they are not!

They are an interrogative technique

Used to check for inconsistencies in a story.

An idiot, would say

“They got excited during this part—

That means they’re lying”

No— it means

Their heart rate was elevated

During that question.

Loads of things can cause that, such as

Being insulted, gaslit, threatened or worse

Nobody cares about

The truth—

They just care about

The hurt.

I’m sick of these



Knee-jerk masochistic idiots

Getting off on reducing

All of trans perspective into

Fatphobic philosophical bullshit

I think the truth hurts

The harsh truthers the most —

Considering that

Those folks are lying

9/10 times, or

At the very least

Emotionally manipulating you

And calling it proof

Of their superiority.

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