What’s Happening

When things get

Really, really bad


WW3 bad

Like, emergency back surgery bad or

The denial of the denying kind of bad

Any of the things that make me

Walk to the peak and

Look down, around, instead of

Getting over, the kind of bad

That makes you feel so stuck

There is no hope of options

I try to focus on

What’s happening

Immediately around me

I try and seek and grasp

Firm footing within my own head

Somehow, the only way

I’ve found to reliably do that

Is to focus on

What’s happening right now

Not what happened before

Or what you wish you had done

Or what you think you should do

Next— quite simply

What’s happening

Right now.

When I finally clean up enough

To remember

That right now, is right now

And then was then

All the interpretations seem kind of

Superfluous. None of it matters as much as

What right now is

Now, is still

Now is a moment

Now is something

So instantaneous

You don’t need to ask

Anyone about it. Or read

Anything, or consider

Much at all, you just live

Right now

For a while. I dunno maybe

It’s too vague and it’s too useless and

It won’t help you, but

Lately I’ve been worrying so much

About so many things —

All I can handle is

What’s happening.

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