What’s Really Goin’ On With You, Man?/Holding The Rope/R.U.N.N.O.F.T/Patriarchal Bullshit

Idk when someone cries out for help

In the form of a hate movement

I can’t help but wonder

“What’s really goin’ on with you, man?”

Like, why ?

Also, since when…?

When did these feelings start happening and

How long have you been struggling with them?

Is it the world that is flawed or is it

Something else that hurts have you been

Stabbed in the back or do you perhaps have a

Thorn in your side you can’t see or grab for yourself

Do you need a hug do you need to talk to

Somebody else? What’s goin on with you man—

Buck Angel—

Your Twitter is like a hellscape

No one could survive

“Reporting unethical therapists” ?

Reflect on yourself, your journey

Even the parts you don’t like,

Take a look inside. Maybe

Non-binary identities are harmful or maybe

Non-binary is the best way to describe

A woman who identifies as a man who struggles with who he really is

In a world that only recognizes two genders

Where does a trans man fit in this picture ?


Perhaps an ideology that helps

Mediate feelings of in-between

Is the most harm reductive approach

Rather than gatekeeping and holding the rope to our throats

Is there misinformation on surgery and hormones?

You bet.

Is the solution to set the barn on fire


Prolly not, brother.

To fear monger and

Sensationalize, to shamelessly


At the expense of trans kids and trans rights

In the name of trans rights

Is not only hypocritical but

Downright disgusting. The only person

That benefits from your

High anxiety, soapbox, misinformation

Amateur biologist, faux philosopher

Steve-o impersonator bullshit

Is yourself. And your own career

Not a single trans person benefits

From Buck Angel loading TERF guns

I needed to earn more self-respect

Before I was really able to see it,

I’m not able to see it and read it as

Anything besides radical conservative

Fear mongering divisive preachy toxic

Patriarchal bullshit.

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