What’s the Opposite of a Drama Mama


Want details?

Your gonna have to pry it out of me

I ain’t never tell you

It pains me enough to live it,

I ain’t gonna re-live for free

Pay me lots and lots of money


And only then

Will I tell you all my secrets

Sometimes it works in reverse

Sometimes I pay people tons of money

To listen to my secrets

And sort them out for me

But oftentimes

I’m left alone

With all these “dramas”

Playing all night long

I often use psychedelics to kinda

Shut the shit the fuckin shut up town

Making it all quiet down



Wobbly wakey turns down the pitch with the volume

My cat once saw me and

Had a fit

What a bitch!

She is even more dramatic

Than the clique I spent time in high school with

Can you believe it?

I was once in a clique.

Only in art school, hoes

In public school I was a

Massive target

Snowball, they called me

Just keep getting fatter

But in art school

I was cool, talented

They let me into their little

Drama times

I have never been more bored or confused

Than I was during drama time

Nobody else referred to it as drama time

Just me, whispering under my breath to myself

As I said, in public school I struggled–

In art school, I still struggled.

I was just surrounded by idiots who

Struggle more than me.

The drama times were long,

Dull, pointless, and

Often overwhelming.

Perhaps I should have taken my

Desire to move to the boys dorm

A little more seriously

I just kinda thought I was a dyke

Oh well

I mean, I was and I am

I always will be

I will miss being a part of

Such a special little club

I hope I can stay a dyke, I think

Most people will let me.

Some will force me.

It will probably be a bit of a

Drama, don’t you think?

We will have to see

In the meantime

Don’t ask

My drama is endless,

I’d rather pretend as if

Things are great, life is

Beautiful and people are

Funny, aren’t they?

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