When My Man Says– “Does It Even Make A Difference?”

I have this really smart, really empathetic

Super emotionally intelligent

Communications major professor friend from years back who is like

My go-to man for random thoughts–

Anything I need picked, I go to him and straight up

I enjoy him. I often think of him

When I think of who I want to be like, but

Sometimes even he says stuff

IRL that is just so fucking dense it makes you

Want to start a podcast where all you do is

Rant about it, but still like–

Oftentimes he will ask

“Is it really that big of a deal, does it really make

That much of a difference–

I don’t treat people differently based on gender

It’s all the same shit”

And it gets to me sometimes because

I really enjoy him and his perspective, and we agree

On so much, I wonder how it is

That someone who listens to me

Can miss all of it, and can distance himself

So easily from “the hysteria” and I then I realized

If it’s not a big deal

If it makes no difference

Then why doesn’t he just wear a wig, put on a dress

Change his name to Theresa and

Live as her for a few weeks–

Then switch back! No harm no foul!

It’s not a big deal, it makes no difference, right…?

Your male colleagues will think of you the same

Nothing about your life will change…?

So just go ahead and

Prove your point–

I’m very very curious and

Eagerly waiting. This experiment sounds

Awfully entertaining!

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