When Will It Be Time To Talk About Trans Men In Prison?

I can’t find hardly any resources about this

Please send me anything you know

Consider this an open call to any and all information

About trans men in prison.

A lot of the legislation being written

Is with trans women’s protections in mind

Because they are being put in men’s prisons

And they are being killed, sometimes within

8 hours of arrival.

There are so many articles, so many posts

About trans women being murdered in prison

It is clearly a serious issue that needs to be addressed

But unfortunately, as long as trans men exist

We cannot write legislature that sounds like this–

“Prisoners should be housed according to their gender identity”

That, to me, sounds


Why would I want to be sent to men’s prison

Barely two years on testosterone…?

Or at all, even–

For the same reason the trans women don’t want to be there–

I still have a fucking vagina, and

Just like anyone, with any body

No surgery can free me

From being raped to death.

Perhaps what we need is a total

Prison system overhaul, but

Until then–

Please, please please

Please please please stop picketing

For people to be put in the prison

That matches their gender identity

Unless your goal is to kill all of the trans men, next.

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