White Jobs/White Bodies/Contacts

Here’s the deal like

Don’t go on telling me

How much you love

All colors and all kinds

If the job you work

Doesn’t hire them.

Don’t be telling me you’re some

Anti-racist, anti-classist,

Pro trans pro everyone hero

Because you have a few select

Like-minded privileged friends who are

So wealthy and so privileged they wouldn’t even

Socialize with the people

You’re claiming to protect

With your beliefs.

Just stop being full of shit.

Don’t stop tryna be better but

Don’t go on telling me about how anti racist you are

In your fucking white neighborhood

With your white job and your white friends.

You aren’t progressive at all you’re just

Standing in the way of people

Tryna speak through your

Dense privileged ass white body.

Anyway I have reflected on my

Large, slow moving white ass body

For years now and

Literally nothing I could say

Actually contributes anything —

I feel like if I really want to make a difference

I should just call out the hypocrites, and

Be a pain in the ass

To the assholes in my contacts

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