White Women Are Basically White Men, Now

Something nobody wants to admit.

Especially not JK Rowling

Yes, the differences between the sexes

Matter, and yes, we owe

So much of our lives to feminism

Especially me! An ex-Becky

As a white woman who straight up said

“I’ll have what he’s having”

You can just fucking do it

I’m living proof that white women

Are and can be

White men in the eyes of society.

So I just kinda wish

The rhetoric would change

Considering that white women and

White men are now

Basically almost the same

I’m also really exhausted

From the distance between him and her

Running back and forth to get to the

Same peak all over again has been

Hilariously disorienting

Especially when you factor in

The losers who live their whole lives

On one side of the range

And brag about how much better the view is

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