Who Benefits From Gatekeeping?

“You aren’t a lesbian

Unless you’ve been told

That you aren’t one”

Becky WTGH circa 1645

Who benefits from all the gatekeeping?

Who benefits from all the

Who’s who-ing?

Does it make it easier

To categorize on Tindr?

Or does it make you feel

Safe to think you know

What you’re getting into?

Here’s a real scary tip–

Sexuality changes, people change

Life shifts and malleates.

This is why I ask the question–

Who benefits from all the gatekeeping?

I find that when you locate the motive

The rest follows suit.

Insecurity benefits from gatekeeping

Jealousy benefits

Discrimination benefits

Who benefits from telling someone

You don’t want to fuck

That they don’t belong?

Just keep it to yourself, you fucking dipshit

Same way I keep all the things

I hate about you

To myself, and make nice little

Poems, instead.

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