Who’s Eating Becky’s Grapes

Sometimes I feel like

I’m the only person who has ever seen

What’s eating Gilbert Grape

And thought about it

From the fat person’s perspective.

Our society hates fat people so much

They’d rather burn them inside the house

Blame it on their embarrassment

And hope that everyone learns their lesson

Not to eat themselves to death–

Meanwhile the whole movie is about

The multitude of reasons

These things come to pass.

People often call this movie

“Fatphobic”, I disagree–

I don’t think it’s fatphobic at all, to acknowledge

The way that society treats people like me

I think it’s rather disgusting

The way people parade their mental and physical wellbeing

As some sort of proof that they are

More worth saving. That being said–

As a gardener, when I see rot

Or decay, I trim it away


I guess my real question here is

Who’s rotten, and what needs pruning–

The fruits, leaves or the roots?

Things don’t get so overgrown

Overnight, without a little neglect.

Ahhh, right– but it was the 90’s

So it’s all about cute lil’ Johnny Depp

And his sad, tragic young hot life

Gone to waste because of some

Overgrown mound he magically came from

Forgive me for thinking

The prequel would’ve made better perspective

I’m not as mesmerized by a

Young boy’s potential, as much as I am interested

In what killed his mother’s dreams–certainly not as much

As ya’ll seem to be.

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