Why Drag Kings Aren’t A Thing–

To be a woman

Is to be the butt of every joke

And be expected to laugh

Because it’s just so dang ridiculously funny

What a stupid bitch you are…!

Men have told me that women aren’t funny as a fact

Of which I somehow need reminding–

When society reminds me of this constantly lmfao.

Ru Paul himself said that

Drag loses it’s punch when it’s not a man

Rejecting his masculinity. I get really confused–

If you haven’t noticed…

A woman rejecting her femininity is no laughing matter–

It’s serious rebellion! Haven’t you heard of feminism!?!

The most loathed ideology ever!?!

It’s this whole deal where like–

Women didn’t have rights for centuries, and now

They want to be treated equally.

Women have tried and tried and tried

To reject their feminine roles, and yet

When they try to reject them, they are deemed as extremists–

Not Drag Kings!

Ahhh yess, but drag–

Drag is different.

Somehow different for men than it is women.

Something makes it different, what is it?

Oh–right– the whole being female part is different

I guess when you’re a woman

Who pretends to be a man, and makes jokes about his

Overgrown sense of self-importance

You aren’t just flipping the table–

You are forcing men to laugh at themselves

Which is completely and totally unacceptable to most people

To laugh at a man’s masculinity

Is quite literally the worst thing

Any woman can do, it often gets her killed

So I guess

To Ru Paul, I have to say–

Drag really loses it’s punch

Without all the misogyny

And if you open the door

To women and nonbinary folk

To start parodying men–

You’d be forced to acknowledge

That you don’t it very funny

Without all the misogyny



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