Why Is the Lady The “Proof Of Evil”


Why is it

That Shaun King

And other various activists on my feed

Are particularly disgusted and preoccupied with

The white woman holding a gun who looks

Murderously terrified because of the protestors on her drive?

They’re all talking about the look in her eye–

What is it about the man

Holding the assault rifle

That doesn’t seem evil?

It’s commonplace! Right?

Men are aggressive and they have guns

We are used to this

But the white lady

Holding a gun

Is proof of pure evil

Proof of how far we’ve fallen

I hate these two more than I can put into a poem

But I am not surprised, and I am not shocked

And my jaw will never drop

I find it counterproductive and dangerous

To focus on the wife, when the man is

Quite literally twice as terrified with ten times as much artillery

What the actual fuck is wrong with people

That they are more afraid of a man’s wife’s emotion’s

His out-of-control-property

Than the man with the fucking assault rifle.


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