Why why why why why why/w&w

Why do I feel that she made a mistake when

Both of them are undeserving of who I am

I am tremendous I am

The strongest person she’s ever met

She told me that and I’ll never forget

I want to be her rock I want to be

Her salvation but she has Jesus

And her family and her fucking trombone.

Why does that even fucking matter

Why am I in love with a past

That never happened

The other one is married to her family and

When I tried to get her to marry me instead they all

Divorced me

Which honestly — I think is kind of sick.

I’m glad it happened but

I’m sad that the one I wanted

Sees me as a dead person.

I don’t know what to think besides

Why why why why why why why why

I need to meet someone that gives me a

When and where instead.

I deserve better than nonstop bullshit.

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