Why Would You Want To Die A Liar

What would it matter what they say if

What they say is wrong, what does it matter

If they lied about everything all along ?

What difference would it make

For someone who lies about everything

To keep on telling the same lies

Until they potentially become a reality?

What if they never do, because they’re

Fucking lying ?

Why is it that people do such a thing ?

Why is it they will write hundreds of little tiny

Identical grade school writing style

Calculated paragraphs

With reductionist sentiments

And somehow manage

To leave out everything?

What kind of godawful fatphobic book report

Do I see everywhere, lying?

Lying about everything

Lying about metformin. Lying about

Genetics and lying about

Health, all for the sake of


You live a liar you die as you lived

Why would you want to die a liar ?

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