Why’d You Have To Remind Me!?!?

It’s hard for me

Not to see

Others as

Filthy, rotten,

Selfish, dirty,

Awful, senseless


I often see

Little to no

Self-control in others

I see lots of

Selfishness and

Terrible instinct,

Robbing others of their

Ability to think

Independently or

Love anyone besides


I see people

Completely unable

To imagine the world

Without themselves

Instead of

Themselves without

The world. I see

People unable to

Sympathize, let alone

Empathize or even

Begin to understand

Another’s legitimate

Life experience

Not meant to be


Not meant to be

Guided, but rather

Just meant to be


I despise how

Humanity loathes


I despise how I am

Overcome by

How much I hate

Others, and how much

They remind me

Of myself.

I am

Overcome by all of this

Hatred I feel

When I walk into a

Coffee shop and find myself

The spectacle

Just because I don’t

Look how you would

Want to see yourself–

Why do I have to

Look like you?

Why can’t I

Be myself? Without

You hating

The reminder,

As well?

Goddamn, Let’s all just

Go on now, and

Go to hell

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