“Woke Canon”

I saw on the feed of a page that I like–

Someone saying

“Trans men need to stop pretending

Like they’re the only people in the community–“

… what the hell?

Literally everyone

In all of society

Thinks transgender means

Trans woman. No exceptions.

When I say

“We need more trans male representation”

I don’t mean–

We need to cancel everything else– quite the opposite–

I feel cancelled because I’m not

What people expect.

My existence is silenced, and

The only trans rights anyone wants to talk about

Are trans femme rights, and nonbinary individuals

With hot enough instagrams.

I identify as nonbinary, however

No one takes that seriously anymore, unless I call myself

Becky– a female name. A name that is allowed to be

Genderqueer in the dredges of the masses– A name

I was given by one of my teachers.

I do not identify as a Becky, I just

Have been treated as such, but

It doesn’t hurt to flip you all

On your heads once you figure out

Becky is a man, and he is

Properly pissed, proportionally perturbed

By the lack of representation, and

The idea that

Anyone that doesn’t perpetuate

The “woke canon”

Is cancelled, wrong, and otherwise

Needs correction–

Maybe that’s the idea

We should deconstruct next…

Fuck it, who am I kidding

I fucking hate talking nowadays.

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