Wolves In Rainbow Party Dresses

Telling a femme gay boy

That he needs to act masculine

In order to be respected in society

Is the sort of thing

Everyone understands is homophobic

Femmephobic, potentially transphobic

And mostly just bad vibes for poor little gay guy.

Telling a lesbian

That she needs to have some good dick

In order to realize that she is actually

Straight, is something

Everyone understands as homophobic,

Vile, patriarchal, and mostly just

Bad vibes

For poor little lesbo lady.

Telling a bisexual person

That they are or are not bisexual

Based on your limited perspective

Of their existence, preferences

Is widely understood to be

Bad vibes!

Unhelpful, harmful bigoted garbage

That nobody needs.


Telling a fat person

Who already diets and exercises

Who is already healthy

Who is already working on it

That they need to lose weight, that they

Aren’t really trying, that weight loss

Was easy for this one friend you knew—

So what’s the point of waiting?

Stop complaining and just get to it—

This behavior

Is more common than any kind of homophobia

Or transphobia

Or classism. This behavior

Has no gender, no class, no orientation

Correcting fat people

For their fatness

Is universally accepted —

Here I thought

The queer community

Would be the sort of place

That might be able to get it—

Might be able to understand

My perspective and what I am trying

To get across, alas—

You are all so fucking fatphobic

You don’t even believe in fatphobia!!!

I don’t want your sympathy —

I want your blood

On my hands

You fucking bigots!

Wolves in rainbow party dresses

Killing anyone who shows

The least bit of weakness

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