Women Disrespect Boundaries Too/Jonah Hill Hype/Rendering

All this Jonah Hill hype.

People loooove to hate men in breakups

It’s amazing how no woman

Has ever done anything wrong in a relationship, according to the way

People talk about it. If you ask me

Yeah— the guy was being a ridiculous prick.

Celebrities do that.

They have god complexes.

So do totally normal bitches at the gas station.

People fucking suck folks

It’s not new and

Relationships are complicated and

Not everyone should do them.

But outside of celebrity god complexes

Nobody thinks women are capable of the type of

Emotional abusive manipulation

They are always so quick to escalate men with.

I even read a post that said

Something along the lines of

“Sure, send men to therapy but

Then they learn therapy words for manipulation”

My ex did the exact same thing to me.

Only difference is

She’s a little tiny lady.

Suddenly her manipulative decisions

Matter not at all, and

Any time I got upset about

Absolutely anything, regardless of context

Everything was my fault.

With Jonny Depp and Amber Heard it was at least worse, but

Honestly I think the press has been

Grilling Jonah Hill so hard lately

So persistently

No wonder he lost so much weight his fat is fucking


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