There was a whole lot for me to process at the show

I went to last night where Andrea Gibson showed us some of

Her work and spoke passionately to a hypnotizing piano soundtrack

I wonder what kind of poet I am, if I am not that? She talked about

Page Poets versus Spoken Word Poets and how she considers there to be

Little difference, yet she is the only one bringing it up, I have never heard

Of this, I just see poems and hear them as a performance, no matter what the

Context is. Advertisements are often some of the best executed poems, but

I was pretty blown away by a live poetry performance. I have never been to

Such a thing, at least since I was a student. I went to an art school and there were

Loads and loads of incredible poets, people like Clementine von Radics, and even my

Math teacher’s wife was a wonderful poet. I have a lot of respect and love and adoration

For writing, creating, and expressing. It seems that poetry is this crowd. I wonder

How I can get in, do I need to be invited? Do I need to have some sort of crown?

Can a peasant run a kingdom, isn’t it the other way around? The rules of writing

Don’t seem to exist. It seems to be about funding, heart strings, and the inability

To quit. Persistence is something that comes naturally to me, I feel it a point of pride

To be steady and consistent, the two things I value most in kind hearted people. I want

To be one of those. I want to be kindhearted, and I want to be able to write poems

That people can listen to without wanting to change the channel. As much as I found

Her work to be hypnotizing, I thought it was also a bit confusing, how she was able to

Speak so honestly without cracking. I can’t be expected to do this, so perhaps I just

Shouldn’t be trying. If only I was choosing to do this, instead of relying.

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