Took me a day or so but

I dunno if what happened was exactly

Legal. ?

I complained to hr about

My toxic, homophobic manager and

They moved me around the company, and

Fired me without notice

About a month

After I complained.

I’m pretty sure that’s

Wrongful termination.

You know what else sucks?

I know that if I had been

Socially a lady still id be

Nowhere near this situation, I know because

I used to be. I know because

The way they hire nowadays.

Now I’m just he and

Unless I want to raise hell

Relive the memories, all while

Accepting an onslaught of misgendering

I’d sue, but honestly

I don’t have it in me! I’m fucking tired.

The reasons I went to hr were

Numerous and the way they treated me was

Onerous I think perhaps

I should sue but

I just don’t give a fuck—

I’ll find another job as soon as I get up.

Oh I forgot the best part—

When you’re trans all they have to do

Is respect your pronouns, anything else

They do is simply circumstance—

As long as the pronouns are right

“It’s just a bad culture fit”

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