Y’all Think He’s Doing This By Accident…?

The weirdest and saddest part

Of the whole Nikocado Avocado thing

Is that people really truly think

He doesn’t know— y’all—

He is performing

He is doing whatever it takes

To keep the views rolling in

People are like—


Look what happens when you let

Body positivity be entertained—

Bitch please ain’t nothing body positive

About this self-destructive twink

He is not body positive he is

Suicidal, greedy, and reductive.

He has no experience

With any of what makes fat people

Keep on growing— he simply

Gluttons himself on a river of tears —

Fattens himself with fatphobia and

Hateful observers—

The fattest, Augustus gloopiest

Bastard on the internet, gets fatter

The more haters he gets, and

That’s the only point he proves

That I don’t object to.

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