“Yeah But Have You Heard About Syria”

I had a


God it hurts to have to

Call this one that, but

I was trying to talk to her

About my life and my

Struggles and what I

Wanted to do about it, but

She kept cutting me off

To try and talk about

Syria, as if I

Didn’t know about the

Nonstop atrocities happening there

I’m just trying to have a

Friend who’s here with me now,

Not in Syria, but for whatever reason

All she wanted to do

Is talk about Syria

Even though she’s

Never been, wasn’t planning on going

Didn’t have any friends or family there

Wasn’t involved in any aid organizations

Wasn’t involved with anything

Other than

Obsessively talking to me

About Syria

As if that

On its own

Was doing something

For Syria

But for me I was just

So earnestly confused

As to why

Syria is more important

Than my bloodwork?

To me it just seemed like

She needed me to know

More than anything

That she knows what’s

Really happening, and

I’m just a baby.

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