You Don’t Need Trans-Specific Help With A Trans-Specific ID Change

I’d make a guide

But I followed a few myself

And they were all wrong, outdated

Long-winded or worse.

Just look up how to get a legal name change

In the state you live in

And follow the rules for regular cis people

Because to everyone else you are one of those

Even if you get your ID changed to

Sparkly Underpants McGee

You don’t need anything besides

What the government website tells you

Don’t give your money to any services

Besides the actual fucking government

And don’t follow whatever outdated

Trans guide you found on the internet says

Unless you want to be like me and

Wait nine months to realize you wasted

At least three.


Best option—

Ask a real person who actually recently

Went through the process themselves

Which I guess, in theory

Is who writes these articles

But basically after three months

“Obsolete” becomes generous.

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