I kept you

In my heart

On a special



You were my


Human being

Way back then


You didn’t

Put me up

Anywhere special

Though, did you?


You left me

For someone

More valuable

Good for you!


She left you

Because you

Are more like me

Than you knew


Now you ask

Me if I’m

Up for being

Friends again


But that’s not

What we were

When you had the

Chance to be


Now you want

Me to say

“I forgive you”

And move on


But you see

I took your

Pedestal down

When you left


I didn’t

Keep your place

I put myself

There instead


You are not

Entitled to

A spot in my

Heart, anymore


Take your place

On the curb

Like the trash you

Likened me


I can’t hear

Your sorry shit

Acting like I

Loved you


I didn’t.

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