Young, Dumb and Full of Numb

That would be one way to describe me

There are lots of others

How do I describe myself?

That way, fool

I just told you, up there on the little

word shelf.

I’ve been looking for meaning,

looking for an epiphany

Turns out

I have just been staring

Directly at my fanny


Drink up, schmuck

Unless of course, you’ll do it until you throw up

Then you’ve got a problem, bro

I like your style

How many jobs do you have, bro?

How hard is your hustle?

Not as hard as mine,

Or her’s, or his, or theirs

Nobody’s hustle is as hard as his

Maybe the epiphany here

Is that I have a lot of irrational fears

The same way my hatred

Feels irrational

Despite all the proof

Flashing in my head


Right, well

I could go back to school,

I could cut off my head

I could sell my guitars, I could sell my

Souls, my treasures

But then, my golem would show

Plainly on the outside

Right now, as I sit in my truth

Uncertain, I have a certain

Kind of glow.


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