Young People Are Cunts—I needed to capitalize Are for emphasis

Are young people cunts

Or is everybody?

Everyone my age is a massive, massive cunt

I don’t want to use any generational terms

But a lot of the generalizations I’ve heard

Hit me on the nose

I really can’t tell

If it’s just me

Or if everyone treats everyone like garbage

And expects you to feel confident

No matter what

I guess we’re supposed to pretend

Like you don’t think I’m stupid,

And I don’t think you’re mean

Young people are bad at everything

Insecure, inexperienced, selfish, vain

The worst part about them

Is how they get older

And never ever change

They stay young forever,

Being selfish, staying vain

In their garbage little cunt suits

Feeling pompous,

Inflicting pain.

If you’ve got it all figured out,

Then shut up and stake your claim

Don’t piss in my pot,

Don’t shit in my mouth

Your orgasms are shitty and

Your instagram sucks

Seeking youth, eternal?

Look no further than your own asshole,

Your shitty shallow garbage cunty soul

Will stay that shallow for

Ever after you grow older, unless you get wiser

You’re just a young cunt brain in

Old cunt body

Garbage, either way

Fucking Rotted

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